3MTM Piezo Ink Jet Ink Series 4000

Piezo Ink Jet Ink Series 4000 is approved for use with the VUTEk UltraVuTM Printers 3000/3500 and 5000/5300. When used with the appropriate compatible products, ink series 4000 can be used for a wide variety of applications including internally illuminated graphics, indoor and outdoor graphics and signs, posters and informational graphics, mass transit graphics, and railroad markings.

When used with compatible products, produced by one of 3Ms Scotchprint® Graphics Authorized Manufacturers and applied according to written instructions, this film can be used to produce a Scotchprint® Graphic.


Compatible Products

3MTM MCSTM Warranty

This product is covered by the 3MTM MCSTM Warranty the most comprehensive warranty in the industry.


Ink series 4000 is available in colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.

Additional Product Information

Ink series 4000 is available in one gallon-sized cans. Use a cleaner such as the kind used for high-quality painted surfaces. The cleaner must be wet, non-abrasive, without strong solvents and have a pH value between 3 and 11.

Handling & Storage

Ink should be used within one year of purchase; store inks at 32˚ at 95˚F (0˚ to 35˚C) in their original packaging.

For More Information

For more specific product information, please refer to Product Bulletin 4000.