3MTM PanaflexTM Awning and Sign Facing 945 GPS is a flexible, translucent sign material with built-in color that is used to make attractive internally illuminated graphics for use in many types of signs and awnings both indoors and out.

When decorated by a graphic that has been produced by one of 3Ms Scotchprint® Graphics Authorized Manufacturers on a recommended film, this finished sign face can qualify as a Scotchprint® graphic.


Tensioning and Attachment Guidelines

This sign facing can be attached and tensioned without heat.

Compatible Products

Decorate sign facing 946 GPS with:

3MTM MCSTM Warranty

This product is covered by the 3MTM MCSTM Warranty the most comprehensive warranty in the industry.

Handling & Storage

This sign facing has a shelf life of three years.

For More Information

For more specific product information, please refer to Product Bulletin 946.