This durable film has been specially formulated to provide light diffusion for the construction of thermal ink jet backlit graphics and is used primarily with 3MTM Clear Imaging Media 8501CP.

Basic Construction Characteristics

Translucent backing 8572

Application Surfaces

Translucent backing 8572 should be applied to flat, smooth surfaces and has a minimum application temperature of 60F (16C). Appropriate substrates include flat acrylic, solar-grade polycarbonate, PETG sheets and glass.

Additional Product Information

Translucent backing 8572 is available in 36" and 54" wide x 75 -foot long rolls.

Handling & Storage

Translucent backing 8572 has a shelf life of one year. It should be stored in its original packaging out of direct sunlight at a relative humidity of 20% to 80% and at a temperature range from 33 to 104 F (0 to 40 C).