Wrapping Tips
Type of Tape Number of Layers/Application Instructions
Vinyl Electrical - Jacketing and Mechanical Protection Always use a minimum of two half-lapped layers. The last layer should be wrapped in a more relaxed manner -- let the last wrap relax to prevent the layer from flagging.
Rubber Tapes - Electrical Insulation, Mechanical Padding, Water Sealing and Shaping Wrap tape tightly to achieve the water tight seal. Rubber tapes are typically overwrapped with vinyl tape.
High Voltage Tapes - Insulating and Semi-conductive Layers Apply outside of roll to the cable, in highly stretched half-lapped layers. Never use a semi-conductive tape as an insulation.
Mastic Compounds - Insulating, Mechanical Padding, Moisture Sealing and Shaping Mastic compounds are to be overwrapped with vinyl tapes to initiate flow and watertight seal. Do not apply excessive amount of mastic to prevent oozing.